l really like Newgrounds, it's an awesome site that combines movies, games, forums, messaging ,music, medals and levelling! Send me a PM to review and vote your stuff, l like reviewing so l have no problem as long as you're not being an asshole. Cheers.

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Recent Game Medals

67,890 Points

Beat a Bot 5 Points

Won a game of single player

Welcome to Madness Roulette! 5 Points

Played the game for the first time

Friday Night Funker 5 Points

Start the game

Limits Broken 5 Points

Use a limit break - and if you're reading this in advance - remember to set up a combo first!

Slave Trader 5 Points

Enslave a beast, later to be forced into combat against its will.

Wandering Out 10 Points

Begin your adventure by wandering away from home and into the jungle.

Don't Do That! 5 Points

Destroy a steel or copper spike ball. Hopefully you'll learn your lesson and try not to do it again!

Beach Clear 25 Points

Rescue the beached sea creature and complete world 2.

Counter Bomb 5 Points

Use a bomb right after getting hit, and avoid the damage. Harder with less bombs and more health!

Self Destruction 5 Points

Destroy a big bomb and knock out at least 3 enemies with it. Keep a look out for bombs in enemy formations!

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Okay, here are the medals and what you have to do to get them:

...that was it? (25pts): Watch the credits from the menu or the entire movie from start to finish.
Egg Hunter (5pts): Click 50 times without finding an easter egg.
Gotta catch 'em all! (5pts): Browse through the entire art gallery.
You actually care (5pts): Visit an artist's userpage.
What the? (10pts): Find the first easter egg.In Red Faction: Calculus click the green handle-shaped device during the explosive countdown scene.
Competitive Gaming (10pts): Find the second easter egg.In Fatonetta, click Fatonetta's mole during her close up near the end of the short.
Look at pics for reference. (All tips are from Newgrounds Medals-games and tips)

The game trailer collab sub-guide.

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