Epic Battle Fantasy 2 walkthrough

2009-07-07 00:13:24 by HeavyTank



How to read this guide: Well, this guide is divided in sections, each one analysing in-depth every aspect of the game
If you see a NOTE: it means that there is something worth noting (doh!) and you have to pay attention to it.
If you see an EDIT: it means that something was changed from the original demo (ex.changes in the game as well as updates).THis is pretty much it.Above all, have fun!This game can be hard but it's hard in a good way, challenging but rewarding.

NOTE: this guide is incomplete and may contain some wrong info.Please notify me if you find any errors.

There are a lot of changes....here are some of them:
Now you have a third stat, which fills up slowly as you receive damage.
There is accuracy.
At the end of every round you may choose some stat boosts and upgrades for your characters.
Now, going more specific, the warrior has a shitload of swords and this new ability called unleash which unleashes (duh!) the power of your swrord...this power is obviously sword-specific.
After some time your "attack" button will go flashing..if you played a FF game you should know what that means...LIMIT BREAK TIME!
The mage has an autoheal attack and gives every positive buff to your team and every negative one to your enemies...also, it dispels any bad status effects..(thanks Another-User).The warrior has a super damaging quintuple sword slash.
There are obviously some new attacks, summons and abilities but there are also some other changes...
Now the attacks can miss (but most of the time your opponents' attack will miss, not yours) and you can counter some attacks..
Also, there are some random effects like a lighting and a blizzard...well, these can be VERY frustrating sometimes so l hope they get removed from the final version...EDIT: Yay!They got removed :D
EDIT: Now the characters make context-specific comments at the end of each wave or when performing some attacks...some of them may be even helpful.


Revenge-30MP.Boosts strenght at the cost of a small amount of HP
Drain-30MP.Drains some health fron the enemy while damaging him
Windslash-40MP.Attacks all of your enemies at once
Quake-40MP.An Earth attack
Iceberg-50MP.75% Ice element.An ice attack
Eruption-50MP.75% Fire element.A fire attack
Unleash-60MP.Unleashes the power of your sword....the powers will be in the swords section
Seiken-70MP.75% Holy element.A holy attack
Legend-90MP.50% Sword element.Multiple slashes hit the enemy

NoLegs-5MP.NoLegs the cat is much like that blob from EBF...he brings you random items
Temper-15MP.Boosts attack by 50% but fades off by 5% every turn
Protect-25MP.Boosts the party's defense by 50% but fades off by 5% every turn.
Air Strike-50MP.Bomb element.A very useful attack that targets either one foe with a mini-nuke or all foes with a bombing run
Screamer-75MP.Dark element.Damages all foes and lowers their magic def.
Power Metal-100MP.Wind element.Heals your party and damages all the enemies.

Heaven's gate-Boosts all stats by a small amount.50% Holy element.Unleash blinds an enemy.Boosts Seiken.

Rune Blade-Drains MP.20% Holy element.Unleash seals the enemy's skills.

Blood Blade-Drains HP.20% Poison element.Unleash boosts defense and magic defense.Boosts Drain.

Stone Edge-Boosts your defense.50% Earth element.Unleash lowers the enemy's defense.Boosts Quake.

Inferno-75% Fire element.Unleash lowers the enemy's defense.Boosts Eruption.

Blizzard-Boosts attack.75% Ice element.Unleash stuns the enemy.Boosts Iceberg.

Black Fang-50% Poison element.Unleash makes poison 5x stronger.Boosts poison.

Swift Brand-Boosts Accuracy and Evade.Unleash lowers the enemy's attack.Boosts Wind Slash.

Anarchy.Boosts attack.50% Dark element.Unleash debuffs the enemy.Lowers enemy attack slightly and boosts Screamer.

Soul Eater-Gives a massive boost to attack but lowers all the other stats.20% Dark element.Unleash deals monster damage.

Razorback.Boosts Magic Attack.20% WInd element.Unleash lowers the enemy's magic power.Boosts Power Metal.

White Magic
Purify-10MP.Removes all status effects from both players.
Heal-20MP.Heals one player.
Barrier-60MP-Boosts the party's Magic Defense by 60% but fades away by 5% each turn.
Flare-50MP.Blinds the enemies.
HealMore-70MP.Heals both players.
Revive-90MP.Revives a player and puts living ones in AutoLife status.
Judjement-100MP.100% Holy element.Deals damage to an enemy and heals you.

Black Magic
Lucky Star-20MP.Deals random damage to an enemy.
Fireball-40MP.A Fire element attack.
Glacier-40MP.An Ice element attack.
Thunderbolt-40MP.A Thuner element attack.May stun foes.
Toxic-40MP.Poisons an enemy.
Syphon-60MP.Applies Seal to all enemies.
Pulsar-100MP.100% Dark element.Deals large damage to all enemies.

Scanbot-30MP.A very useful tool for writing walkthroughs, this bot tell you all you need to know about your enemy.You won't need it if you read this guide though.
Slime Bunny-50MP.The bunny gives health regen to both of your characters.
Beholder-70MP.This old enemy now is an ally, and his attack will lower the defense of all your enemies..also, he has a hidden attack which l suspect involves tentacles...'nuff said.
Meow Meow-100MP.This cat will attack all your enemies with massive physical damage.
Sometimes it will deal double damage, but in that case he will damage you too.
Ion-200MP.Hits all your enemies with unreal non-elemental magic damage.
Damages your party too.

GENERAL TIPS (read this pls)
-The best upgrades are the ones that trigger random attacks or counters since they really help you a lot and might change the tide of battle...
-Use AirStrike a lot since it's an attack that woks on every single enemy in the game and deals a lot of damage.
-Watch out when using the Ion Cannon....use it ONLY when you are certain that your opponent won't kill you (AutoLife) or is dead by the next turn.
-Also watch out because the Kitty summon has a chance of damaging your party.
-The best sword to use as a main weapon is the Rune Blade since it lets you spam your special attacks without having to worry about MP.You may have to be more careful on Epic though, l would suggest using different swords on that difficulty.
-If you are feeling confident get the upgrade that gives an MP boost chance to the other swords...
-Also, if you're really desperate for MP for the mage you might want to get an upgrade that lets you absorb 100-150 MP from your enemy with a normal attack...
-Be sure to know which sword to use as a main weapon...every sword needs a different playstyle and might need different upgrades (if you have the Razorback as a main "sword" get some Power Metal upgrades).
-Use the Slime Bunny when you cannot afford to lose a turn for minor healing (2000-3000 HP).
-Syphon any enemy that has a particularly annoying special attack.
-Stack Poison for extreme damage.
-If your enemy has 2 or more weaknesses combine them for maximum damage.
-On Epic mode focus on survival, but if you saved your game recently you might want to experiment a bit.
-If you lose more than 3 times for the same reason, a change of tactic might be in order.
-Use the Warrior's Limit Break combined with the Rune Blade for a maximum MP charge...use the Soul Eater combined with some buffs for unreal damage.
-Make sure you sell any items that you don't want when you visit the shop.
-Do spend all your MP before a checkpoint.Do not waste any mana potions before a checkpoint unless you really need them.
-When you're not sure about what to do in the middle of a battle, you might want to post in the medal thread for help...
-If you are totally new to TBRPG's be sure to read the guide in the game.
-Use CTRL+F to find whatever you want on this guide quicker.
-This is probably the biggest guide for a flash game on NG.

Yeah, you get different upgrades if you use different abilities, so here is an amazing list made by Knuxandshadowrule, posted here with his permission:
Matt's Abilities:
Swordsman - Boosts standard attack by 40%.(Just use the normal attack a lot.)
Berzerker - Increases attack stat when hit by a powerful attack.(Take a lot of damage during a boss fight or powerful wave.)
Mana Leech - Gain MP back when attacking,or using Windslash/Legend with any sword.(Equip the Rune Blade and attack a lot.)
Slayer - Boosts Attack stat by 8%.(Use Soul Eater often to keep your atack stat high.)
The Force - Boosts Magic Attack by 8%.(Use Power Metal often. Only way I've gotten it so far.)
Blacksmith - Temper adds an extra 20% attack.(Use Temper often.)
Swordbreaker - (Give AttackDown stat on enemies when attacking, or using Windslash/Legend with any sword.(Equip Anarchy and attack normally often.)
Counter - Counter physical attacks sometimes.(Attack, get hit, attack, etc. Eventually you'll get it.)
CounterX2 - Counter attacks more often.(Just keep getting hit and countering, if that's your strategy.)
Rock Solid - Boosts Defense by 8%.(Raise your defense stat often, or just equip Stone Edge often.)
Earthern Soul - Boosts Magic Defense by 8%.(Raise that stat often, or just equip Stone Edge often.)
Rock On - Boosts Quake by 40%, adds 10% resistance to Earth and Wind attacks.(Equip Stone Edge, and use Quake often.)
Survivor - 30% chance of surviving powerful attacks with only 1 HP left. (Die a lot, lol.)
Aerial Support - Air Strike activates randomly.(Use Air Strike a lot.)
Secret Weapon - Adds a new type of bomb for Air Strike.(Use Air Strike a lot.)
Legendary - Boosts Legend's Power by 40%. (Use Legend often.)
Ready Edge - Boosts Attack stat when switching swords.(Switch swords a lot.)
Defender - Doubles the effect of Defend.(Defend attacks often.)-NOTE: this could be VERY useful when fighting bosses on Epic...nukes would hardly scratch you.
Sword Heart - Boosts Unleash by 40%.(Use Unleash often.)
Hurricane - Boosts Windslash by 40%, and gives 10% resistance to wind attacks.(Use Windslash often.)
Venomous - Immune to Poison and Stun.(Equip Black Fang and Poison enemies a lot.)
Chemist - Boosts items' effects by 40%. (Use items often.)
ChemistX2 - Boosts items' effects by 80%.(Use items a LOT.)
Mighty Warrior - Boosts the Attack,Magic Attack,Defense, and Magic Attack stats by 4%.(Use Heaven's gate a lot)
Cleaver - Boosts your Limit Break's power by 40%.(Just take damage so you can use your Limit Break a lot.)
Eagle Eye - Boosts Evade by 5%, and Accuracy by 20%. (Equip Swift Brand and Windslash enemies a lot.)
Healing Metal - Boosts the healing of Power Metal by 30%.(Use Power Metal often.)
Extreme Metal - Boosts the damage of Power Metal by 40%.(Use Power Metal often.)
Holy Power - Boosts Seiken by 40%, adds 20% resistance to Dark attacks.(Use Seiken often.)NOTE: try to get this one before the Hydra...sounds useful.
Fear Lord - Boosts Screamer by 40%, adds 20% resistance to Holy attacks.(use screamer a lot)
Fiery Spirit - Immune to Freezing, adds 10% resistance to Fire and Ice attacks.(Equip Inferno and use Eruption often.)
Bloodthirsty - Boosts Drain's power by 50%.(Use Drain very often.)
Cat Warrior - Nolegs attacks enemies with a sword or a bomb randomly.(Use Nolegs often.)
Cat Tamer - Nolegs brings out healing items randomly without being called.(Use Nolegs often.)
Arctic Wind - 10% resistance to Fire,Ice,Wind, and Water attacks.(Equip Blizzard for a while.)
Sub Zero - Boosts Iceberg by 40%, adds 10% resistance to Ice and Water attacks.(Equip Blizzard and use Iceberg often.)
Never Forgive - Boosts the power of Revenge by 40%.(Equip Soul Eater and use Revenge often when health is low.)

Natalie's abilities:
Magic Counter - Sometimes counters magic attacks with Lucky Star.(Get attacked by magic attacks often.)
Astrology - Boosts the power of Lucky Star and Pulsar by 25%.(Use Lucky Star and Pulsar often.Yes, even the random ones count)
AstrologyX2 - Boosts the power of Lucky Star and Pulsar by 50%.(Use those skills A LOT.)
Wizardry - Boosts Magic Attack stat by 9%.(Use Black Magic a lot.)
Mighty Mage - Boosts Attack/Defense/Magic Attack/Magic Defense stats by 4%.(Use spells often.)
Mana Leech - Gain MP from attacking normally.(Attack like once or twice.)
Curses - Makes Flare/Toxic/Syphon's effect last longer. (Use those skills often.)
Elementalist - Boosts the power of Fireball/Glacier/Thunderbolt by 20%.(Use those skills often.)
ElementalistX2 - Boosts power of Fireball/Glacier/Thunderbolt by 40%.(Use those skills even more after getting the first one.)
ElementalistX3 - Boosts power of Fireball/Glacier/Thunderbolt by 60%.(Use those skills ALMOST ALL THE TIME.)NOTE: wow, 60%?That+the attack upgrades should be able to destroy the sandworm in 2-3 hits.
Sniper - Boosts Accuracy by 20%.(Just don't miss with attacks for a while.)
Chemist - Boosts items' effects by 40%. (Use items often.)
Angel - Gives Auto-life effect randomly.(Die a lot :P)
Thunderclap - Increases chance of stunning enemies with Thunderbolt.(Use Thunderbolt often.)
Chemist - Boosts items' effects by 40%. (Use items often.)
ChemistX2 - Boosts items' effects by 80%.(Use items a lot more.)
Bunny! - Increases Slime Bunny's healing by 40%.(Use Slime Bunny often.)
Bunny!!! - Slime Bunny sometimes appears without being called randomly.(Use Slime Bunny A LOT.)
Behold! - Boosts Beholder's power by 40%.(Use Beholder often.)
Meows! - Boosts Meow Meow's power by 40%.(Use Meow Meow a lot.)
Ions! - Boosts Ion Canon's power by 30%.(Use Ion canon often.)
Healer - Boosts Heal and HealMore by 20%.(Use those skills often.)
Immunity - 50% immunity to all bad status effects.(I'm not sure, maybe don't get a bad status effect for a while? Or maybe use purify a lot.)
Genesis - Boosts Judgement's power by 40%.(Use Judgement often.)
Cleric - Boosts Magic Defense stat by 9%.(Use White magic often)
Protection(P) - Increases Defense when hit by a powerful attack.(Get hit by powerful physical attacks, duh.)
Protection(M) - Increases Magic Defense when hit by a powerful magic attack.(Get hit by powerful magic attacks, duh.)
Resistance - Boosts resistance to all elements by 10%.(Have a balance of using fireball/glacier/thunderbolt/lucky star/pulsar, or just never use any of those spells.)
ResistanceX2 - Boosts resistance to all elements by 20%.(I'm not sure.)
ResistanceX3 - Boosts resistance to all elements by 30%.(I'm not sure.)
Elusive - Boosts Evade stat by 10%. (Don't get hit often. Try using flare.)

There are some abilities that you can't get, but Matt said they existed (by Matt)
Immunity is from spending a lot of time with bad status effects, I think the effect is broken though.
There should also be an Immunity x2, probably also broken.
There is also a Meows!!!! skill which summons Meow Meow randomly but you cannot get it.

TIPS FOR THE NOLEGS MINIGAME with the help of PortalwarpedJP
In the minigames, the best to do is the aerial attack if a zombie is spawning where you are.
Use the ranged attack when you're on a corner.
If you feel lucky you can chop your way through the zombies and collect the hearts as they drop..
If you ony have one life your best bet is to do to the right end of the screen (the left one is kinda glitched) and spam your ranged attack until a zombie drops a heart.

Wave 1:
3x Kittens: 5200HP on easy
Weakness to Poison and Fire
It carries a shield for extra DEF.

Wave 2:
2x kittens and 1x Red Bee: 13600HP on easy
Weakness to Fire, Thunder and Wind.
Immune to Poison
It may inflict poison and lower DEF.

Kitten Kart :60000HP on easy
Weakness to Poison and Fire
Easy boss, just remember to hammer him with fire and poison and defend a bit and you'll be fine.
To beat him the fast way use the Black Fang and its Unleash to kill him in just 4 turns (Another-User).

Wave 1:
2x Red Bees

Wave 2:
2x Red Bees,
1x Spikey Moth: 28500HP on Easy
Weakness to Thunder, Fire and Wind.
Immue to Posion.

Guardian: 17600HP on easy
Weakness to Thunder and Bomb
Immune to Poison
Each one of his arms gives him and extra turn and an extra attack.He can repair his arms.
He is kinda hard if you aren't careful enough...you have to use the mage for healing and defending only (unless you get to play when the warrior has health above 7000).
The most useful attack to use here is Air Strike, so spam it.The multiple attacks hit him and his arms while the nuke deals a lot of damage, even if he is very tough....
He also gets a new attack on Epic difficulty...this attack deals 6000 damage to both charcters so keep your def buffed at all times!
On a higher difficulty setting you'll want to use Syphon to keep him from regenerating his arms...
EDIT:Now on Easy and on Normal the boss is easier but can't be stopped from regenerating his arms...
After that boss you'll get a checkpoint WOOT WOOT WOOT!
You'll also have to play NoLegs' minigame to get money.
Be sure to perform well here on harder difficulties.

Wave 1:
1xRed Jelly: 26100HP on easy
Weakness to Ice and Thunder
Immune to Poison
The red jelly is more poisonous.
1xBlue Jelly: 30600HP on easy
Weakness to Fire and Earth
Immune to Stun
The blue jelly has more powerful electricity.

Wave 2:
2xRed Jelly, 1xBlue Jelly

Wave 3:
1x Red Jelly, 1xBlue Jelly
1xGlacier Eater: 52800 on easy
Weakness to Fire, Earth and Bomb
He can freeze you and buff his defense by crawling into its shell.

Wave 4:
1x Glacier Eater
1x Rock Eater: 52800HP on easy
Weakness to Ice, Earth and Water
Immune to Blind
Can crawl back into its shell for extra DEF.
NOTE: since most of them have a weakness to Earth Stone Edge might me a good idea here.

Giga Golem (ice): 224000HP on easy
Weakness to Fire, Earth, Bomb and Dark.
Immune to Blind, Stun and Poison.
He can change his element and he can also summon helpers.
His arm has a separate health bar.

Giga Golem (fire): same HP of course
Weakness to Ice, Water, Bomb and Holy.
Immunities are the same.

As you can obviously see here the Dark Bomb (from the airstrike upgrade) and the random airstrike upgrade help A LOT with both forms.
Oh, and keep the Stone Edge here for two reasons: not to lose your turn and have an extra defense...oh, and of course the Earth attack.
Here you'll have to defend and heal with the mage and spam Airstrike with the warrior.
He can also summon some helpers.The ice helper is a rock with some ice in it and it will freeze you sometimes with its attack.
The fire helper is a suicide bomber.He deals a lot of damage, so watch out!
NOTE:The ice helper can stay alive even after his master's death!
Wave 1:
2xRed Bees, 1xRock Eater

Wave 2:
1xRock Eater
1xKitten (lolwtf)
1xSandworm's tail: 68000HP on easy
Weakness to Ice and Water
Immune to Blind and Seal
It can stun you.Can only attack you with physical attacks.
It escapes when its health reaches 1/3

Wave 3:
Sandworm (type: giant mutant penis..lol): 280000HP on easy
Weakness to Ice and Water
Immune to Blind and Seal
It may infict all sorts of status effects since it vomits all the time.
Obviously here Purify is a must and you have to always keep an eye on your health...
The slime bunny will help a lot since you won't have to waste your mage's MP with HealMore's (you may want to activate the Slime Bunny before the boss battle).
When you are poisoned with the slime bunny active just use Power Metal to heal (if you need to) and then Purify.
Pulsar is quite good, but l prefer ice attacks.
On a higher difficulty rating you may want to use mainly area attacks to deal with the tail and the head more quickly.
WARNING: the boss' tail will remain alive even after the head's death, so don't do anything risky.
At a higher difficulty setting most of his attacks will weaken your magic, so beware!

Now you'll get a second, much-needed checkpoint and play the NoLegs minigame again.
This time it's kinda harder.
Oh, and of course you'l visit the shop.

Wave 1:
2xSpirit: 52800HP on easy
Weakness to Dark, Fire and Wind
It has the AutoLife effect, wich wil revive it as soon as you kill it (you can have AutoLife too by either the "Angel" upgrade or by using Revive on a living character), so it's debuff time!You can use Anarchy's Unleash to do that.In the meanwhile, you should use Syphon to prevent them from sealing your abilities.
Also, as soon as you sealed them defend like crazy since their attacks are really strong...

Wave 2:
2xSpirit, 1xSpikey Moth

Zombie Hydra: 216000HP on easy
Weakness to Holy and Fire
Immune to Poison
Insta Death magic and the heads can revive one another!YAY!
Here you'll want to kill both of the heads at the same time so make sure that your final strike is a mass attack (or to kill one head on the warrior's turn and the other one on the mage's one).
Unfortunately Syphon won't seal their sealing attack...but you can always use Solar Flare to blind it!Anyway....now it's time to use the good 'ol Heaven's Gate!
The attacks that will cause you the most problems are the spirit one, the insta death (NOTE: you can survive it if you have that upgrade that gives youa 30%chance of surviving a deadly attack with 1 HP) and the sealing.
Also, be sure to have the Angel upgrade by that time and use Revive on the warrior often so that the insta-death magic won't be able to kill both of your characters...oh, and having a high Evasiveness helps too.

Wave 1:
x2FlyBot: 61600HP on easy
Thunder and Bomb
Immune to Poison
THIS is the most powerful grunt in the game, not the small one!

Wave 2:
2xFlyBot, 1xSpirit

Nazi Tank
Tank Top: 160000HP on Easy
Weakness to Thunder, Bomb and Earth.
Immune to all status effects
Just hit it hard

Lance: 72000HP on Easy
Weakness to Poison and Fire
He has some special attacks so watch out!he is a bit weak compared to the other bits though.
Oh yeah, and SEAL HIS ASS or he will use the Ion Cannon without any kind of warning.

Mini-guide for Lance by RealShadowCaster: "About sealing Lance, it's a matter of strategy. I personnaly let Natz die and simply defend with matt (with defender and evry stat upgrades in defense and magic defense, he can take two nukes in the face in a row and still be standing (In Epic difficulty of course)).
With the slime bunny for the heals and unfreezing, the venomous for the poison tower,it's just a matter of waiting for victory."

Satellite Dish: 88000HP on Easy
Weakness to Thunder and Bomb
Immune to Poison and Blind
Seal this, it's a good idea, believe me.Its attacks are weak, but still..

Nuke: 128000HP on Easy
Weakness to Thunder and Bomb
Immunity to Poison, Seal and Blind
Don't think l need to explain...

Omega Lazor: 112000HP on Easy
Weakness to Thunder and Bomb
Immune to Seal, Poison and Blind
If its charged attack hits you, it's shoop da woop, so defend in time (or use Revive).

Valkyrie: 960000HP on Easy
Can spawn 5 type of turrets...you can damage this by destroying the turrets, but it still takes 50% damage of you hit it with a turret.

TACTICS: Well, you may want to use the Slime bunny when you can afford it, ALWAYS have both your characters with more than 9200 HP at the end of the turn.
So, to deal with the first turret you have to use Airstrike and Autoheal, that'sit.Sometimes the cannon will use a mega blast that will terminate one of your characters.
Then be sure to Seal the captain since he can use the Ion Cannon if you don't.
For the Omega Lazor just defend to protect yourself from the charged laser, but it will miss most of the time.
For the satellite dish l would advise to leave it there since it's really weak and it can't deal almost any damage at all.
I am saying this because if you leave 2 turret spots open you can get double nuked.
This means that the turret will spawn 2 nukes at the same time.Don't panic though, because there IS a way out of this, l even survived 2 double nukes in a row!
First of all, decide of you want to kill them or play it defensively.
If you have one Limit break available it's an easy job.
Use the warrior's LB to kill the first nuke and defend for the other, or use the mage's LB to have your defenses buffed to the max so that you take minimal damage.
If you don't have either l would suggest getting AutoLife on both characters and then defending OR trying to kill one of the two nukes.
There is a poison and ice turret, which is really the most annoying since it's attacks are powerful and debilitating.
if the tank has a low health meter you might want to hit it even if it has some turrets.
If, however, the tank is without turrets, be sure to have autolife/high defense.
It has a flying smash attack that can kill both of your characters.
The sword to use here depends on your gameplay style, l prefer the RuneBlade because its Unleash can Seal the captain and its attack will fil up your MP.And it will do it without wasting your turns if you have a counter attack upgrade, and you should have one.To damage the tank use Airstrike, the mage's electric attack and Pulsar for multiple enemies.
DO NOT use the Ion Cannon unless you're 100% sure that your enemy will be obliterated.


A lot of new items are introduced here..let us take a look at them:
Potion $150: resotres 5000-7000 HP
Max Potion $350: restores 10000 HP
Ether $1000: resotres 500-550 MP
Max Ether $2000: restores 1000 MP
Mist Potion $400: heals the whole party for 5000-6000 HP (note: very useful if the mage can't use HealMore)
Stunner $300: stuns the enemies
Antidote $50: cures poison (not as useful as it once was since now the mage can cure both players)
Water Of Life $1000: revives a fallen party member
Magic Potion $150: boosts Magic power
Attack Potion $150: boosts Attack
Shuriken $300: poisons foes
Bomb (no more bob-ombs D: ) $500: deals damage

The game froze at Stage 4, Wave 2. EDIT:now the game freezes when l use AirStrike! EDIT2: the game just froze randomly at Stage 6, wave 2.Fail.EDIT: l thinks this is fixed now.
In the NoLegs minigame the protagonist can be stuck at the left end of the screen.

Well, it's just a list with some tips
One medal for each defeated boss
Overkilll: hit the damage limit (99999).To do this use SoulEater's Unleash on a ghost after the mage's Limit Break.
Sword Master: try out all swords
Beast Master: scan all foes.....here is a list of all the foes you need to scan:
Red Bee
Spikey Moth
Red jelly
Blue Jelly
Glacier eater
Rock Eater
Kitten Cart
Guardian's art
Guardian's shield
Giga Golem (fire)
Giga Golem (ice) l am not sure if you need to scan this too.
Golem Helper (ice)
Sandworm's tail
Zombie Hydra
Tank Top
Omega Lazor
Cooler turret
Satellite Dish

Max Radiation: fire the ion Cannon
Invincible: survive with 1 HP remaining (can be done by getting the Survivor upgrade)
n00b: kill yourself (easy, just fire the ion cannon 3 times in a row)
Minigamer 1: score 5000 points in the first minigame (just keep walking and attacking at the same time, you can get enough hearts like this)
Minigamer 2: score 6000 points on the second minigame (this will be hard, there are less hearts so you should be careful)
Minigamer 3: score 10000 points in survival (well, here you can take your time and be careful..)
Battle Cat: bring NoLegs to the battefield (use NoLegs 5-6 times and then get the Cat Tamer upgrade)
Oblivion: get washed away by waves of fire...this is probably the last boss' untimate attack
Middle Tier: beat the game on Normal
Leet Tier: beat the game on Hard
God Tier: bea tthe game on EPIC MOAD AHAH OLOL OMFG

Matt returned from his holiday, the game is out!

Good luck, have fun, earn medals.


Epic Battle Fantasy 2 walkthrough


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2009-07-07 01:00:57

I would like the add the mage's limit break also gives your team every good status effect, and the enemies every bad one.
I'd also like to add that every round the amount of HP the kittens have it goes up. At 83 they have well over 30,000.

HeavyTank responds:

OK, the first piece of info goes in the guide...well, the kittnes aren't really important since they will only be in the demo (in infinite numbers).


2009-07-13 19:54:06


HeavyTank responds:



2009-07-25 14:24:24

Other things I'd like to add:
The Warriors limit break with a rune sword fully restore mana. Normally restores for me 1300 mp. It's fairly helpful.
The Mage's limit break will cure you from all debuffs like Blind, stun, etc.
If you silence the guardian, he can't regen arms. It really helps in Epic mode.
The Sandworm boss on Hard and possibly Epic mode has a lot of attacks that debuff magic. I let it keep doing this, and eventually my healmore started healing for about 300 each. I suggest a lot of magic+ pots here.

HeavyTank responds:

Right, l will add them, thanks.


2009-07-26 18:42:00

Okay, I just got through my run on Epic, and a couple more things...
The Attack arm on the guardian gets a new ability on epic mode that attacks everyone for 6000(!!!) each. Make sure to keep your defenses buffed and knock out that arm fast!
The Sandworm on Epic still has the ability to weaken magic, but it now seems to have a chance of activating on every single attack. The tail also can revive as usual, but it's now a lot quicker.
On the Golem boss, especially on the higher difficulties, I recommend trying to keep the Ice Node alive, as the amount of damage the Golem can do with it's melee attacks is huge, even if you are fully buffed. The fire node attacking will leave on team mate dead, and another at half health if not prepared.
For the Kitten Cart boss (As if that needs any advise for it...), use the Black Fang, and unleash every turn. The first turn the poisoning will do 8000, then next 16000, 24000, etc. The battle should only last 4 turns at the highest. =P

HeavyTank responds:

well now l only need some good tips for the hydra...this insta-death magic is really getting on my nerves...


2009-07-27 18:13:28

For the Hydra, blind it, and maybe put auto-life on. Hopefully you should have Survivor and Evasion for the Warrior and Mage respectively, and make sure to drain both heads down at around the same pace

HeavyTank responds:

yeah some of the tips are there, but l guess that Blind would work on the hydra..


2009-07-28 19:29:53

Well, I can now add that using syphon to stop the second boss from regenerating it's arms has been removed, or at least on normal mode. The boss however, has seemed to have been made a lot easier, so it seems to all even itself out.
Further studies are needed.

HeavyTank responds:

well l dunno l syphoned him on Hard and it worked...


2009-07-29 14:59:00

i know some tricks to defeat the foes.
if you ever need them, PM me and i'll say it.

HeavyTank responds:



2009-07-29 17:10:36

forgot what i said in my last post plz.
still, if you wanna hear what i did for some of the bosses/foes, just say.
an alternative strategy is always good.

and there's two mistakes: you forgot the weaknesses of the moths and i think that the super kitty is just something to replace the final boss.

HeavyTank responds:

Man, l know that the super kitty isn't the real final boss...l eve have a link to the real one..


2009-08-01 11:27:31

This is a nice walkthrough. Really, but if you see EPBF1 it is a bit of not so new. I mean, the heroes are same, the gameplay is same. It would be better if there was a platformer like that. But a great walkthrough overall. It misses no detail of the game.

HeavyTank responds:

well it's called a SEQUEL....you have the same basic idea with a lot of new stuff...
And no, an EBF platforer would suck...


2009-08-02 11:42:25

You know, you are right about answering my before comment. A platformer would suck. And, I finished the game and I found out that your walkthrough is the most helpful walkthrough I have ever seen.

HeavyTank responds:

You finished the game?
Now you are prepared for when the game come out :D
Thanks for the compliment.


2009-08-07 11:14:53

i hope the survivor medal works anytime you survive with 1HP, and not if you defeat the final boss with just that left. if so, then it's easier than i thought. you just need that upgrade...
oh, and say that the warrior's protect is the best way to defend yourself from the worm's tail and the sealed spirits, please.
hope matt comes back soon...

HeavyTank responds:

you get the survior medal by having that upgrade that gives you a 30% chance to survive a dealy attack with 1 hp


2009-08-08 12:02:38

well, then it's going to be cake.
good luck to everyone!


2009-08-10 16:56:40

um.. useful walkthough.

HeavyTank responds:



2009-08-10 20:23:55

Okay, I finally spaded the Guardian to death, and using unleash with the proper sword can seal the guardian, however the magic spell seems to rarely if ever do it.

HeavyTank responds:



2009-08-15 16:10:59

Updated the game again.
I just installed the Newgrounds API wrong I think.

I dare you to find any bugs now.

HeavyTank responds:

l will


2009-08-15 20:27:50

hey, there's a medal called "oblivion" now, you should just check it.
for the hard medals, you gotta go on easy. :/

HeavyTank responds:

yeah, l updated it


2009-08-21 13:48:27

I shall beat the game on Epic before you! Muahahaha! :P

HeavyTank responds:



2009-08-22 19:22:38

Another tip to survive with the hydra is using a skill name Angel on the mage that sometimes give hp when she is dead .

HeavyTank responds:

gives HP when she is dead?
No sir, it gives the AutoLife effect, and l did put that in the guide :)


2009-08-25 09:56:09

This is good walkthrough, probably the bigger I've seen for a flash. But shouldn't it be fun if the stage with the giant kitten was a binus stage just for fun?

HeavyTank responds:

yeah why not


2009-08-26 21:20:12

Well didn´t help when she was live only dead. Sorry I didn´t read everything after I got all the bestiary and protips.

HeavyTank responds:

wait, what do you mean by "when she was live only dead"?


2009-08-27 10:39:08

GUess it or not, when my characters die(coz I tried the game again), the game crashes. Need help with that.


2009-08-27 11:37:34

I have something to say:

Screw the Rune Blade. Seriously.

EXCEPT for the first wave, that is. During that wave, spam Rune Blade, get Mana Leech, then never use it again. You won't need it.

(Updated ) HeavyTank responds:

Oh shut up, nobody's forcing you to use it.Seriously.


2009-08-27 17:40:28

A bestiary list would be nice - you also missed the Cooler on the final boss.
Need to redo your enemy count on the stages and number of waves, its wrong.
For zombie hydra, you can seal the heads with the Unleash power of Rune Blade to prevent the things from regening and the insta death spell.

Also, all you need is Mana Leech instead of Rune Blade.

(Updated ) HeavyTank responds:

So l fixed it, tell me if you find anything else.


2009-08-28 10:19:03

Lance Summons the Ion Cannon by the way and I figured that out by epically failing to him when he summoned it and cost me my God Tier medal...

HeavyTank responds:

You mean epically filing to Seal him right?


2009-08-28 17:20:51

I made a guide on the abilities in the game. It was tough, but I think I have most of them. If you would like to use the information, or link to it, here is the link http://knuxandshadowrule.newgrounds.c om/news/post/366360 .

HeavyTank responds:

Wow, l can use it?Thanks a lot man, you rule!
Of course you will be credited.


2009-08-28 18:54:21

No problem, thanx for adding it. I just figured that we both love this game enough to put up a HUGE guide about it, that I would chip in to your already amazing work.

HeavyTank responds:



2009-08-28 22:38:26

Hey, I had to fix some things, thanks to the creator matt-likes-swords, proofreading it for me. So you might want to put in the updated version replacing the old one.

HeavyTank responds:

I sent him the PM telling him to check it out ;)


2009-08-29 06:23:10

You need to scan both forms of the golem for the bestiary medal. I also found that you don't really need to use the Rune Blade. Use it for the first round, pick the Mana Leech upgrade and you can Legend your way out without a loss of MP (Costs 90, gain 100-120 MP). I switch to Anarchy after that (weakens enemies attack and has a +30% att in comparison to Rune's -30%).

HeavyTank responds:

Yes yes l know there were like 5 people telling me that.


2009-08-29 06:30:55

sorry for the double post. I forgot to thank you for the great walkthrough (gotta love that suicide-bomb-NoLegs).
One thing though, I've been going through a round with ONLY using Flare, Syphon and Toxic (and one times Slime Bunny), but I didn't get the Curses upgrade to choose.
For the Angel upgrade I've found out you DON'T have to die. You just have to revive Matt (NOT auto-life him, RESSURECT him from the dead!)
The Secret Weapon Upgrade adds a bomb which hits all enemies AND reduces their defense.
I've bested the game on Hard already, but I always insta-fail at Epic Final Boss

If you have any more questions, send me a PM and I'll look into it.

HeavyTank responds:

Indeed, thanks for the support :)


2009-09-07 11:31:21

this is a big walkthrough indeed. the biggest I've seen for a flash. Anyway, good job. I want to ask... WILL THERE BE EPIC BATTLE FANTASY 3?

HeavyTank responds:

l don't know.


2009-09-11 09:04:23

Tips for Hydra, one can be blinded, the top one usually (needs to be confirmed) and the bottom one can be sealed. From what I've seen the bottom hydra cannot be blinded and the other sealed. I've tried blinding the other with unleash and flare but it seems they have different status immunities.

Josh The Meerkat


2009-09-22 16:17:28

Wow.... Normally I only play a flash game once.. maybe twice... but this is just addicting... or maybe my competitiveness wont let me lose to that epic tank boss ~.~ anyway..... my tips are to get aerial support, secret weapon, sword breaker, counter, counter x2, cat warrior, cat tamer, defender, venemous, and maybe the +40% normal attack but its not really needed. For Natalie get bunny! and bunny!!, magic counter, and whatever else you may want. Now this set up is mainly for destroying that epic boss tank cause it works. When fighting the tank have slime bunny cast and have both characters defend basically at all times. Use the stone edge for the maximum defense. Almost all of your skill points for matt should have been put into magic defense and some into defense. When fighting the first tank always have natalie defend because of the tank's cannon can one hit her or the flames thrower does around 3k hits. With the slime bunny and both characters defending this should be a problem. Matt will counter most of the attacks aimed at him and also you randomely get no legs throwing a bomb for 20-29k damage or sword slash for 8k and random air strikes which can add up to some nice damage considering your all defense. With the defend ability the attacks on matt are reduced even further which makes damage laughable. When the real tank comes out its all out defending no matter how much hp you have. Even full hp can be killed in an instant and dont rely on Matt's survivor because a critical hit from one of the turrets + the machine gun will always over power it unless it works 10 times in a row... which is unlikely. Natalie may even die but that is fine, dont attempt to revive her if there are 3 turrets out. the best turrets to deal with are the poison and ice turrets because your immune to the poison and the ice will be shattered from the regen. Most likely the regen will constantly cast itself before it runs out. The counter will not only damage the tank or turrets but also lower their attack due to sword breaker. After much countering and air strikes the tank will fall and victory will be yours :] For those having trouble with the hydra that can be a real pain especially on epic. the best plan is to blind the first attempt you have since its hard to keep blinding and reviving and healing. always have natalie in auto life status and just let matt die >:] when you revive him just use the special since its full if hes killed by a reaper. every time natalie dies she should be revived from the auto life or a life pot if needed and use her special even if matt's isnt full. again.. these tips are for the epic mode so... you dont really have to follow them word for word on other difficulties wow... i typed way too much -.-


2010-01-04 17:25:20

I confirm that you need to scan also the ice version of the golem to get the beast master medal :D


2010-04-18 19:38:39

More than once have I used the mage LB and defended, only to have BOTH undead dragons use that stupid Grim Reaper move, killing me instantly... -_-

Great work in putting this guide together! You obviously put a lot of effort into it! This is sure to help in getting past Lance and his Cheat-o-tank!

HeavyTank responds:

thanks :D


2010-06-16 02:35:42

For the Oblivion Medal, you have to let Valkyrie (the final boss) use the nuke attatchment. Basically, wait 4 turns (it counts down to 0) and make sure your buffed up enough to survive. or not, depending on if you feel like dying. :P


2010-06-16 02:49:48

Also, Pulsar in non-elemental damage, not dark.


2013-03-17 14:43:26

Hey, about the Immunity x2 upgrade... I just got it.I had just finished fighting the battle right before the final boss on Epic and it said, "Immunity x2 100% immunity to all bad status effects" Woot woot!
So yeah, it exists.